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IEP, RTI, SLD, WTF do all these terms mean?  Knowing terminology can help when communicating with specialists, but don’t expect to become an expert.  Professionals are trained to explain concepts to clients and caregivers, so if something is confusing, ask questions.  Caregivers are the most valuable member of a child’s team and it’s critical that they have the background knowledge to make informed choices. 


Here are several online sources for explaining terms related to dyslexia and other learning disorders: 

U of Michigan: Dyslexia glossary 

Extensive list of common terminology and phrases often used by education and medical professionals (e.g., psychologists, physicians, speech-language pathologists) in diagnostic reports, individual educational plans (IEPs), and therapy


The Dyslexia Resource: Dyslexia glossary 

List of key terms, phrases and acronyms; includes many terms specific to reading instruction


Landmark School

Mostly broader terms related to learning disorders, with citations Important IEP and special education terms

More pages of terms used by teachers, speech language pathologists, lawyers and learning specialists

Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity: Vocabulary of dyslexia diagnosis and treatment

Brief list for vocabulary of dyslexia diagnosis and treatment

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