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According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America:

“Dysgraphia is a specific learning disability that affects a person’s handwriting ability and fine motor skills. It involves impaired ability to produce legible and automatic letter writing and often numeral writing, the latter of which may interfere with math.  Dysgraphia is rooted in difficulty with storing and automatically retrieving letters and numerals.  Individuals with dysgraphia often have difficulties in Executive Functions (e.g., planning and organizing).” 


ADDitude: Dysgraphia symptoms and treatment

PDF with overview of definition, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

International Dyslexia Association: Understanding dysgraphia

PDF fact sheet prepared by Virginia W. Berninger, Ph.D.


Site with resources for parents, teens and adults, including tips, success stories, news, database of professionals and webinars

Dysgraphia.Life: The neuropsychology of written language disorders webinar

Video and handouts for webinar created for parents about developing evidence-based interventions by Dr. Steven G. Feifer

LD Online: What is dysgraphia?

Online article which includes strategies for children of all ages

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