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Assistive Technology Resources


Google Chrome assistive technology apps

Comprehensive list of products and features available with links to help pages; some demo videos 


Learning Ally

Digital books with narration and highlighted text available to individuals and schools with annual paid subscription

LD Resources Foundation Action Assistive Technology Apps

List of tools with descriptions and system requirements, relevant articles on AT, and collaboration with school AT specialists to develop comprehensive programs

Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity: Tools and technology

Link to featured content on a range of technological tools

University of Michigan: Software and AT

List of software and apps with brief descriptions and links




North Bridge Academy List of Assistive Technology Resources

PDF list of assistive technology tools by type (e.g., narrated audio books, text-to-speech, tracking, note taking) with cost, system requirements and some features

Elisheva Schwartz: 22 assistive technology tools

PDF with descriptions of apps and links to YouTube videos showing how to install and use

KQED: Technology tools that can help dyslexic students

Article from the MindShift series that explains why use of AT is not “cheating” and outlines categories of AT with links to specific tools

International Dyslexia Association: Overview of instructional and assistive technology

PDF article detailing guiding principles and framework for choosing and using AT

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