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The following resources are for your reference and do not imply endorsement, affiliation or advice on the part of North Bridge Academy.  Background information and links related to structured literacy instruction can be found on the Where to Find Instruction page.


North Bridge Academy: Neuro-Psychologist Referrals

Google document with contact information for practitioners offering dyslexia evaluation in Marin, San Francisco and the East Bay compiled by North Bridge Academy 

North Bridge Academy: Dyslexia Tutor Referrals

Link to tutors in San Francisco and Marin who are vetted and recommended by North Bridge Academy

North Bridge Academy: Making Math Real Tutor Referrals

Google document of contact information for math tutors with Making Math Real experience 


International Dyslexia Association Northern California Tutor Referrals

Google spreadsheet last updated May 2020.  Does not include training or certification qualifications and is not searchable by city.


Slingerland Tutoring Resources

Slingerland tutors complete rigorous training to become certified and are qualified to teach individual students as well as classroom groups.   

Orton-Gillingham Find a Teacher/Tutor

OG tutors complete rigorous training to become certified.  Email the OG Academy at for local referrals.

Wilson Language Training: Find a Certified Instructor

Map of Wilson-credentialed practitioners and therapists

Center for Effective Reading Instruction

List of structured literacy professionals broken down by state and credentials (classroom teachers, dyslexia interventionists, and dyslexia specialists)

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