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In the US, “mindfulness” has become a popular catch-all term for any number of traditions and practices that promote calm, clarity and increased awareness on a physical, emotional and mental level.  These may include meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, metacognition, awareness, journaling and gratitude practice.  Many schools are incorporating mindfulness activities into daily routines in order to give students effective tools for self-regulation, agency, social interactions and learning. 




Organization created by educators for educators that promotes an “integrated approach to create healthy school cultures.”  They offer extensive educator training, including a mindful teacher certification program, as well as consultation services, research summaries (with citations), certified instructor directory, blog and video library.

Mindfulness Training Institute

Organization offering professional, year-long teacher training courses.  Includes a teacher directory, but currently does not support searching by state.

Mindfulness for Kids

Link to resources on practicing mindfulness with children by


Introduction to Mindfulness Instruction

Series of 30-minute guided meditations followed by 15-minute lectures by Gil Fronsdal of the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City.  Excellent introduction to the principles of meditation and mindful awareness, offered free of charge. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)   

Program created by John Kabat Zinn at University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1979, now widely recognized and utilized by the medical community as an adjunct treatment for a variety of chronic physical and mental disorders.  Palouse Mindfulness offers an eight-week course created by a certified MBSR instructor completely free of charge.

The Science of Well Being

An online version of Laurie Santos' wildly popular Yale course available to the public through Coursera, currently free of charge


Tara Brach

Meditation teacher in the Insight Buddhist tradition, psychologist and author who offers podcasts (free), online and in-person courses (fee-based), books and extensive further resources

10% Happier

Originally started as a podcast by journalist Dan Harris, 10% Happier has expanded beyond interviews of leaders in the mindfulness community to include spin-off podcasts and a membership-based app.


The Happiness Lab Podcast

Yale professor Laurie Santos takes listeners through “the latest scientific research and share[s] some surprising and inspirational stories that will forever alter the way you think about happiness.”  An online version of her wildly popular Yale course The Science of Well Being is available through Coursera.  


Free Mindfulness Apps

Link to descriptions of five free apps, compiled by in March 2021

15 Best Meditation and Mindfulness Apps for 2022

Link to page.  “To help you find the best mindfulness and meditation apps for your specific needs, we have compiled a list of our top 15 mindfulness app[s], and noted why each app might be the right one for you.”



The Mindfulness Skills Activity Book for Children

Written by psychologists Chris Willard & Mitch Abblett, “these fun, easy-to-learn and creative activities are awesome for all school-aged kids, whether they are newbies to mindfulness or not!” 


Mindfulness for Teens with ADHD

In Mindfulness for Teens with ADHD, Debra Burdick, a clinical social worker, “offers fast, easy mindfulness skills to help you successfully navigate all the areas of life, including making good choices, completing tasks, increasing academic success, excelling at sports, driving safely, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and more.”


Sitting Still Like a Frog

In this book with CD, Eline Snel “enable[s] you to help kids cultivate presence of mind and body at home and in the classroom and develop more compassion for themselves and for others.”  You can listen and download all audio tracks of this book and accompanying activity book for free.


The Mindfulness Revolution

Barry Boyce has edited selections by “leading scientists, artists and meditation teachers on the power of mindfulness in daily life.”  Contributors include Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tich Nhat Hanh and Dan Siegel.


The Little Book of Mindfulness

This pocket-size book by Dr. Patrizia Collard offers “10 minutes a day to less stress, more peace.”


Mindfulness is Better Than Chocolate

“A practical guide to enhanced focus and lasting happiness in a world of distractions” by David Michie



Growing Mindful Card Deck

Created by psychologists Mitch Abblett & Chris Willard, this deck features “50 unique mindfulness activities to teach awareness, how to be present in the moment and cultivate kindness & curiosity.  Perfect for all ages!”


ReTHINK Card Deck

Theo Koffler with Mindfulness Without Borders created 56 mindful conversation starters designed to encourage compassion, shift perspective and build connection.

Mindful Kids Activities Cards

Written by Whitney Stewart with whimsical illustrations by Mina Braun, this deck includes 50 easy-to-follow cards and instruction booklet.   Cards are divided into five categories designed to fit into each part of the day.

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