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Private Evaluation

Private evaluations are usually administered by educational psychologists or neuropsychologists.  You can request a private evaluation at any time; however, they often have long waiting lists.  Testing for dyslexia is often not covered by insurance, and private evaluation can be expensive, so inquire early in the process. outlines steps to getting a private evaluation:

  • Gather specific observations about the child’s patterns and challenges

  • Talk with a pediatrician about concerns and ask for a referral to the appropriate specialist(s)

  • Ask for recommendations from other parents, schools, parent training information centers, professional organizations, advocacy groups, insurance networks, or search engines 

  • Look for ways to reduce costs (e.g., research studies, teaching universities)

  • Ask your insurance company what is covered and reimbursement rates for out-of-network specialists

  • Talk with evaluators; look for a good fit for the family, in addition to practical factors like availability and price

  • Talk with the child’s school about useful information to include in the report 


North Bridge Academy maintains a list of psychologists who provide educational testing in the North Bay and San Francisco. 

International Dyslexia Association (IDA): Evaluating Educational Professionals

PDF fact sheet with extensive background information, as well as specific questions to ask prospective professionals

Access more PDF articles and videos from

Video: Inside a Dyslexia Evaluation 

PDF: 7 Steps to Getting a Private Evaluation  

PDF: 13 Questions to Ask a Private Evaluator 

PDF: How to Find Local LD Specialists 

PDF: What Special Education Testing Results Mean 

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